Legal Advocacy

CAIR-MI’s Legal Advocacy efforts work to ensure the equal protection of the law for Muslims in Michigan, by working to preserve the rights and liberties of Michigan Muslims we uphold the constitution and by extension reinforce American principles and values for all Americans. CAIR-MI provides legal representation to victims of various forms of discrimination.

Our expertise in the area of civil liberties affords us the ability to resolve incidents including hate crimes, employment discrimination, immigration, religious bias in public schools and institutions as well as Islamic religious center and school zoning opposition and FBI interrogation questioning representation. We pursue the appropriate remedying measures ranging from cultural sensitivity training for the perpetrating party to full litigation.


CAIR-MI Legal Services Include

FBI and Federal Interrogation/Questioning Representation:

CAIR-MI advises Americans to exercise their legal rights by having legal representation when questioned by law enforcement. CAIR-MI provides legal representation to Michigan Muslims who have been contacted by law enforcement for questioning to ensure their rights are being protected.

School and Employment Discrimination:

CAIR-MI provides legal counsel and representation to those who have experienced discrimination at educational institutions and employment by exercising means of arbitration and employee-employer dialogue to potential litigation.

Religious Institution Zoning Representation and Counsel:

In recent years mosques and Islamic religious centers across the U.S. have come under increasing pressure. Mosques and Islamic religious centers have been protested against and their construction has been contested.
In Michigan, CAIR-MI has directly been involved in representing multiple mosques and Islamic religious centers that have come under harsh anti-Muslim opposition. CAIR-MI provides legal counsel prior to, during, and after the construction of such sites to ensure all legal requirements are met. Mosque and Islamic centers and school boards are encouraged to contact CAIR-MI prior to any construction or purchase of property to ensure all legal requirements are met.

Racial Profiling:

CAIR-MI assists Muslims who have been profiled, discriminated or unduly detained at border crossings, airports, and in other similar circumstances. Please alert CAIR-MI if you have experienced invasive questioning, prolonged detainment and other forms of discrimination at the airport, border crossings or similar situations with local law enforcement. 


Legal Representation for Discrimination at US-Canada Border: 


CAIR-MI launched a lawsuit against Customs and Border Protection and the FBI on behalf of several Muslim Americans alleging civil rights violations and religious profiling at the US-Canada border and other ports of entry. 


Religious Accommodations for Prisoners:


CAIR-MI has secured a range of Muslim friendly policies at Calhoun County Correctional Facility. CAIR-MI filed a lawsuit against St. Clair County Jail for denying an inmate halal food accommodations after requiring him to take an examination testing whether he is a “true practicing Muslim.” Inmates of other faiths are not required to take a similar examination for religious food accommodations. CAIR-MI is preparing to file a lawsuit on behalf of several Muslim prisoners against the Michigan Department of Corrections for denying halal food.


Special Projects


Seeking Protection for Syrian Refugees

Given the recent influx of Syrian refugees, CAIR-MI Staff Attorney Lena Masri has successfully provided legal representation to over 50 Syrian victims seeking Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or political asylum in the United States. CAIR-MI has had a 100% success rate in obtaining political asylum for asylum-seekers.


CAIR-MI would like to extend its sincere thanks to those attorneys in Chicago who assisted with asylum interviews of Syrian refugees during asylum interviews in Chicago.




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